Customised research per year

NAMWA Drainage Basins: 2010, 2015, 2017

This study takes place in the context of the Water Framework Directive. This directive requires member states to produce economic analyses of their use of water.

Footprint calculations with Exiobase

The quality Exiobase as far as the Netherlands is concerned is substantially improved by harmonizing the data with the Dutch national accounts.

Value added of infrastructure, 1995 – 2016

Exploratory study on the value added of infrastructure, incl. international figures.

SEEA ecosystem condition account for the Netherlands

The condition account provides information on ecosystem quality and pressures following the UN SEEA EEA guidelines (system of environmental-economic accounting – experimental ecosystem accounting).

The State of Limburg 2019

This set of indicators provides insights into the living conditions and business conditions in the Province of Limburg.

Supplementary table on pensions for the Netherlands

The international national accounting standards provide a somewhat scattered picture of pension arrangements.

Footprint calculations using SNAC-Exiobase

Environmental footprints for 2010 and 2014 using the Exiobase Multi-Regional Input-Output Table.

Innovation and R&D by topsectors and region, 2014

Overview of innovation and R&D conducted by the topsectors, specified by region, in 2014.