International trade

Customised research per year

Dutch-manufactured goods exports

Table containing total value of Dutch-manufactured goods exports

Imports from China and Hong Kong

In March 2020, the value of Dutch goods imports from China and Hong Kong showed a year-on-year decline of 9 percent.

Goods trade with China

This fact sheet shows China’s position in total Dutch goods trade (agricultural and other goods), including both imports and exports.

Footprint calculations with Exiobase

The quality Exiobase as far as the Netherlands is concerned is substantially improved by harmonizing the data with the Dutch national accounts.

Imports, exports and transit trade of goods

Import, export and transit trade of goods, value and gross weight broken down by product group, continent, country group, transport mode and year, from 2007 onwards.

Economic relations with the UK

This research describes the Netherlands’ economic relations with the United Kingdom (UK) from the perspective of both enterprises and international trade