Customised research per year

Education and labour in security domain, 2013-2018

This report with tables gives insight in persons in security related occupations, students enrolled in security related programmes and their labour market prospects. This study is an actualisation for the years 2017 and 2018.

The State of Limburg 2019

This set of indicators provides insights into the living conditions and business conditions in the Province of Limburg.

International schools: expenditure, students, school staff

Statistics Netherlands receives annual information from the private international schools established in the Netherlands via a survey.

Education and labour market in the security domain

Basic tables accompanying the report Education and labour market in the security domain.

Inflow and outflow in education

Custom-made tables regarding the level of education of the labour force and inflow and outflow in education

School careers of Rotterdam youth, 2007-2011 (in Dutch only)

Custom-made tables on education and personal characteristics of 6-21 year-olds in Rotterdam in 2007 and 2011. In additional analyses, the relationship is examined between a number of education and personal characteristics. The regression results are available on request. Commissioned by: Verwey-Jonker Institute.