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Service weekend June 21st-22nd

This weekend (June 21st-22nd) is a service weekend from Friday 6:00 PM until Saturday 8:00 PM. Please note that the Remote Access facility will not be available during this period.
Maintenance will be carried out on the Remote Access file storage. RA users will not notice this change after the maintenance has been carried out.

Do you experience issues after the service weekend? Try one of the following solutions:

Are you having issues accessing the Shared Workspace (H) or Other Data (L) drive? If so, search the Start menu for "Fix" and click the "Fix Drives" link.

Are file paths in scripts, for example, no longer working properly? If so, you are probably using file paths that start with \\remote. Replace these paths with a reference to the appropriate network drive(for example, H:\Documents) to fix the problem.

Report a failure

Are you experiencing a remote access failure? Is the failure not yet reported on this page? Please report this by email:

Manuals and Frequently asked questions

Manuals and answers to Frequently asked questions can be found here: Log in to Remote Access.

Previous failures and scheduled maintenance

Failures 2024
21 Jun 13:0022 Jun 03:14Hardware failure at our internet provider caused all CBS virtual workstations, including the RA environment, to be unreachable.Resetting has brought the router back online and restored the internet connection from our data center.
5 Jun 10:455 Jun 11:15Disruption on the SMS service network, resulting in no SMS messages being sent.Network restarted.
15 Apr 08:0016 Apr 08:00The awareness questionnaire was unavailable after the service weekendServer restarted.
26 Jan 12:0926 Jan 16:15The maximum number of concurrent sessions has been reached. It appears that sessions are not automatically closed when a user logs out, leading to some sessions remaining open for more than 72 hours.The logout process has been improved. When a user logs out, the session is now closed automatically. Additionally, sessions are automatically closed after 72 hours of inactivity.
11 Jan 10:4611 Jan 11:18Disruption on the SMS service network.Network restarted.

Scheduled maintenance 2024
StartEndType of maintenance
14 jun 18:0015 jun 20:00Maintenance weekend
21 jun 18:0022 jun 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
12 jul 18:0013 jul 20:00Maintenance weekend
19 jul 18:0020 jul 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
16 aug 18:0017 aug 20:00Maintenance weekend
23 aug 18:0024 aug 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
13 sep 18:0014 sep 20:00Maintenance weekend
20 sep 18:0021 sep 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
11 okt 18:0012 okt 20:00Maintenance weekend
18 okt 18:0019 okt 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
15 nov 18:0016 nov 20:00Maintenance weekend
22 nov 18:00 23 nov 20:00Optional maintenance weekend
13 dec 18:00 14 dec 20:00Maintenance weekend