Advice about statistical research

CBS gives advice about the set-up and implementation of statistical surveys and methods.

Statistical research

If you are conducting a statistical survey, you collect data about a particular issue. For example, when you are conducting a survey or analysis, you draw a sample from the population group you want to survey; if the sample is drawn properly, you can make reliable statements about the population group as a whole. But survey data may also be based on other sources, e.g. registrations, administrative data or the internet.

The Survey Research Expertise Centre

In the course of time, Statistics Netherlands has built up a huge amount of methodological expertise in the field of statistical research. This expertise covers a wide range of topics, including sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, data editing, non-response correction and analysis of survey data. CBS shares its knowledge with other researchers at government level and gives advice wherever needed. To this end, CBS has set up the Survey Research Expertise Centre (Dutch: ESM).


  • Short, quick questions about surveys will be answered by ESM free of charge;
  • More comprehensive methodological survey support is possible in the form of collaboration projects;
  • If necessary, ESM will give unsolicited advice about survey research. As a Statistical Authority, Statistics Netherlands observes the European Statistics Code of Practice. This Code obliges Statistics Netherlands to identify inappropriate and/or irresponsible use of statistical data statistical surveys;
  • On request, ESM can provide practical training courses in survey research. These courses are intended for researchers who, as part of their job, want to acquire more knowledge and understanding of survey methodology.

Methodological series

If you would like to know more about statistical methods, please go to statistical methods, where you will find a description about the statistical methods used by CBS. These methods meet scientific criteria.


For more advice on statistical research, please contact CBS-Customised services.