Customised services & microdata

The statutory task of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is to conduct statistical research on behalf of the Dutch government for practice, policy and science purposes; and to publish the statistics compiled on the basis of this research. An additional task of CBS is to promote the dissemination of statistical information on behalf of the Dutch government. To this end, CBS shares knowledge and expertise with public organisations, e.g. in the areas of data networking, data sharing and privacy protection. This is done for the sake of correct and secure use of statistical data, as well as to promote data-driven working within the government.

Requests for statistical research

CBS has an enormous amount of statistical data available. The bulk of this data can be accessed free of charge on and StatLine. However, you may have research questions that fall outside the scope of our research. In some cases, CBS may be able to offer assistance, for example in conducting statistical research, collecting new data or providing access to microdata. A number of framework conditions apply when CBS takes your request into consideration. On this page, you can find out how CBS may be of service and what types of work fall outside the scope of CBS’ tasks.


Additional research

Microdata: Conducting your own research