Pricing information on Blaise for Windows software as per February 15, 2017

This price list is intended to be an accurate guide to Blaise for Windows software licensing prices as of the above date. Blaise licensing is usage-based, meaning that license terms and fees are based on the type and amount of use to which the system is put by the licensee rather than only by the particular portions of the Blaise Software delivered to the user.

Blaise licenses are offered under two plans. The corporate licensing plan is designed for organizations with ongoing CAI work, usually with high usage patterns (more than 100 application users). The regular license plan is designed for a wide variety of other circumstances.

Evaluation licenses are offered for limited use, limited term testing purposes to enable organizations to explore the capabilities of Blaise. For a limited time, special introductory BCP licensing is available to assist organizations in evaluating and testing the Blaise Component Pack (BCP). BlaiseIS evaluation licensing is also available to current Blaise licensees.

Final prices are determined in price quotes. Please contact [Statistics Netherlands/Blaise Services at Westat] for a price quote that is customized to your needs and circumstances. While every effort has been made to make this price list as complete and accurate as possible, [SN or BSW] reserves the right to correct or modify these prices when issuing price quotes.

Prices mentioned in this price list are subject to change

Usage-based licensing

Corporate License Plan

Regular License Plan

Blaise Internet Services (BlaiseIS)


Prices mentioned in the price list are subject to change. Please contact Statistics Netherlands (Blaise) to find out whether you are eligible for a license.