Update of SDGs in the Netherlands 2019. Part 2 of the Monitor of Well-being & SDGs 2019 (English).

The Netherlands on the European scale 2019 with facts and figures on the Netherlands in comparison with the rest of the EU.

Annual study of register data on reception and integration of asylum migrants arriving in the Netherlands since 2014, 2014-2028

This edition of CBS’ quarterly Internationalisation Monitor describes the economic relations between the Netherlands and the United States.

This Annual Report Youth Monitor 2018 Summary explores the situation of young people in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

State of affairs regarding integration in the Netherlands: how do people with a (second-generation) migration background differ from persons with a native Dutch background and in which areas are differences minor?

In 2015, the members of the United Nations (UN) adopted an agenda for sustainable development

Cohort study on asylum migrants who arrived in the Netherlands between Jan. 2014 and July 2017.

Annual Report Youth Monitor 2016 Summary

Annual Report Youth Monitor 2016 Summary

Overview of convergence processes between people with a migration background and those with a Dutch background.

From January to July 2016, the Netherlands is to hold the presidency of the Council of Europe. To mark this occasion, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has published The Netherlands on the European Scale 2016. This publication shows how the Netherlands is performing in relation to the other EU member states. In which areas are we top of the class? Where are we lagging behind and where are we ‘an average member state’?

The booklet ‘The Caribbean Netherlands in figures’ provides a brief overview of key figures concerning the economic and social situation in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Statistics Netherlands has been collecting and publishing statistics about the Netherlands for more than a century now. Based on a number of themes and topics, this book describes how the Netherlands has changed in the last hundred years.

The Annual report 2009 of the National Youth Monitor of the Netherlands presents a broad overview of how children and young people under the age of 25 years in the Netherlands are doing.