Nature and environment

Nature and environment

Update of SDGs in the Netherlands 2019. Part 2 of the Monitor of Well-being & SDGs 2019 (English).

Circular economy: what we want to know and can measure

In 2015, the members of the United Nations (UN) adopted an agenda for sustainable development

The National Energy Outlook 2017 provides an insight into the Dutch energy system

Economic valuation of activities related to the Dutch North Sea and coast is presented for the years 2005, 2010 and 2014

The National Energy Outlook 2016 outlines the state of the Dutch energy system in an international context.

The material flow monitor provides insight into the physical material flows (in kilos) to, from and within the Dutch economy.

The National Energy Outlook outlines the current state of the Dutch energy system in an international context.

In the publication <em>Green growth in the Netherlands 2015</em>,Statistics Netherlands analyses and describes the state of the &#8220;green&#8221; economy in the Netherlands, based on 36 indicators, divided over six themes (environmental efficiency, raw material efficiency, natural resources, environmental quality, green policy instruments and economic opportunities).

Sustainability Monitor of the Netherlands 2014

This publication contains the results of the environmental accounts 2013. The topics energy use, mineral reserves, water emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 per quarter, other air emissions and environmental taxes and fees were already published on 29 September 2014 in the publication Environmental accounts of the Netherlands 2013; first results.

In the publication <em>Environmental accounts of the Netherlands 2012</em> Statistics Netherlands analyses and describes the relationship between the environment and the economy in the Netherlands. The first part zooms in on regular topics such as water quantity, energy use, emissions to air, material flows, environmental taxes and subsidies and the environmental goods and services sector. In the second part three detail studies are included. The first one focus on the results of the first material monitor for the Netherlands. The second theme article focus on energy time series from 1960 until 2012. Finally, a research is done for making the consumption based carbon footprint consistent with official statistics.

In the publication the environmental accounts of the Netherlands 2011 Statistics Netherlands describes and analyzes the relationship between the environment andthe economy in the Netherlands.

In the publication Green growth in the Netherlands 2012 Statistics Netherlands analyses and describes the state of the green economy in the Netherlands. This happens on the basis of 33 indicators, divided on six themes: environmental and resource efficiency, the natural asset base, environmental quality of life, green policy instruments and economic opportunities. An international comparison is included as well as summaries of some detail studies.&nbsp; One of these studies, Nulmeting groene groei in topsectoren, is published simultaneously with this publication on the website of Statistics Netherlands.

This brochure presents a summary of the main results of the Sustainability Monitor for the Netherlands 2011.

This report presents an overview of the state of green growth in the Netherlands.