Agricultural exports in 2018 were worth an estimated 90.3 billion euros, i.e. 0.2 percent up on 2017. While exports rose, prices dropped relative to 2017.

The majority of inward foreign investments do not remain in the Netherlands, but are immediately channelled abroad instead.

In 2016, the Netherlands’ goods trade deficit with the US hit 12 billion euros, i.e. Dutch imports of goods exceeded exports. The trade deficit can be attributed almost entirely to large re-export flows.

Key figures on goods trade in the period January – August 2018

In the first eight months of 2018, exports of industrial products to China amounted to nearly 4.8 billion euros, representing a year-on-year decrease of 860 million euros.

The role of different types of enterprises (SME, large enterprises) in the Dutch economy, 2012, method and results.

Exports from the EU 15 to other countries include increasing amounts of Dutch goods and services.

The Netherlands' external trade has grown explosively over the past century.

The Netherlands imported more than 15 billion euros worth of smartphones in 2016.

An assessment of the contribution of the Dutch public export credit insurance facility to Dutch GDP and employment

International trade in services is dominated by a small group of traders.

Feasibility study on linking ownership information to Exiobase

DG Mr. Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi participated in the advisory group at the ‘Measure what Matters: a Framework for Action’ forum last 12 July with HRH Prince of Wales.

Statistics Netherlands exploring indicators to monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030

Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Minister visits CBS to discuss international topics.

In 2015 the value of agricultural exports amounted to 81.3 bn euros, the highest value ever.

Multinational companies account for 40 percent of jobs in the Dutch private sector,for two-thirds of total private sector turnover and for over 80 percent of international goods trade, as Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced today in the Internationalisation Monitor On the basis of these facts, the small league of internationally operating companies is of vital importance for the Dutch economy.