Exports from the EU 15 to other countries include increasing amounts of Dutch goods and services.

The Netherlands' external trade has grown explosively over the past century.

The Netherlands imported more than 15 billion euros worth of smartphones in 2016.

An assessment of the contribution of the Dutch public export credit insurance facility to Dutch GDP and employment

International trade in services is dominated by a small group of traders.

Feasibility study on linking ownership information to Exiobase

DG Mr. Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi participated in the advisory group at the ‘Measure what Matters: a Framework for Action’ forum last 12 July with HRH Prince of Wales.

Statistics Netherlands exploring indicators to monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030

Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Minister visits CBS to discuss international topics.

In 2015 the value of agricultural exports amounted to 81.3 bn euros, the highest value ever.

Statistics Netherlands announced today that investments have seriously fallen behind in the Netherlands in the past years. Another factor that plays a part in this respect is that Dutch companies invest much more abroad through foreign subsidiary companies than they used to do. This trend was already manifest in the pre-recession period.

One percent of companies in the Netherlands are foreign-owned. These companies contribute disproportionately to the Dutch economy, however.