Artikelen dossier asielzoekers

The Netherlands received 16,145 first asylum requests in 2017; 14,490 following family members arrived

The population grew by over 80 thousand in the first three quarters of 2017, mainly due to foreign migration.

The Netherlands received 4.4 thousand asylum seekers and 2.3 thousand following relatives in Q3 2017.

Family reunion is still the main reason for migration, but labour and asylum are rising.

In 2017, more following family members than asylum seekers from Eritrea arrived in the Netherlands.

Many Syrians and Eritreans have a residence permit and housing, but most depend on social welfare.

In Jan-Mar 2017, 4 thousand asylum seekers and 5.3 thousand following family members arrived in the Netherlands.

In 2016, one in five underage asylum seekers travelled unaccompanied. The majority came from Eritrea.

There were fewer asylum applicants and following relatives of asylum statusholders in January 2017.

Over half of young asylum seekers in 2016 were from Syria.

November had more asylum requests by relatives and slightly fewer first-time applications than in October.

3.5 thousand asylum seekers and relatives registered in October of whom 390 from Morocco and 270 from Algeria.

In September 2016 more than 3 thousand asylum seekers and following relatives arrived in the Netherlands.

In August this year 2,385 asylum seekers and following relatives were registered in the Netherlands.

In total 2,085 people registered as asylum seekers or following family members in the Netherlands in July.

in June this year 1,480 asylum seekers and following family members were registered in the Netherlands.

One in five underage asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands last year were not accompanied by an adult relative.

Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Minister visits CBS to discuss international topics.

In May 2016, 1,420 asylum seekers were registered, slightly more than in April but less than in May last year.