Committee Investigating Intercountry Adoption

The Committee Investigating Intercountry Adoption, which was established by the Minister for Legal Protection (Justice & Security), was asked to study the role and the responsibilities of the Dutch government in intercountry adoption procedures over the period 1967 - 1998 including possible malpractices. As part of this investigation into the actual procedures surrounding intercountry adoption and the role of the Dutch government therein, in 2019 and 2020, the Committee spoke to dozens of adoptees. The focus of this study included, aside from malpractices, the question how the adoptees are faring now; how they have experienced their adoption; to what extent they have been investigating their roots, and any problems they have encountered in the process. The Committee also asked the interviewees what would help them to advance in that respect. The Committee considers its essential to obtain a picture of intercountry adoptees in the Netherlands which is as complete as possible, but is unable to speak to all adopted people within the given timeframe. This is why CBS was approached to conduct a supplementary study. With this study, the Committee wants to establish to what extent the perceptions that were observed from their interviews were held in the same way by other adoptees. This helps the Committee adopt accurate conclusions and prepare its recommendations to the Minister.