Greenhouse gas emissions

The figure on greenhouse gas emissions which is being published in May 2020 is an initial and provisional estimate. A second provisional estimate will be published in September 2020 which will carry more detail and will be based on more extensive source information. A definitive figure for 2019 will be published by the spring of 2021, including revisions for 1990-2018.

The series 1990-2019 has been calculated in accordance with guidelines under the Kyoto Protocol as introduced by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This does not include GHG emissions by international air freight and maritime transport, as well as from biomass. The figures are compiled as part of the partnership with RIVM/Emissieregistratie, with partners – aside from CBS – including the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), TNO,, Deltares and Wageningen University.