Physical limitation(s):

To calculate disability-free life expectancy, CBS uses data on chronic disabilities in hearing, vision and movement. People who answered ‘yes, easily’ or ‘yes, with slight difficulty’ to all the questions listed below are referred to as disability-free:
1. Are you able to follow a conversation among a group of at least 3 persons (using a hearing aid if necessary)?
2. Are you able to hold a conversation with one other person (using a hearing aid if necessary)?
3. Is your eyesight good enough to read the small print in the newspaper (using glasses or contact lenses if necessary)?
4. Can you recognise a person's face from a distance of 4 metres (using glasses or contact lenses if necessary)?
5. Are you able to carry an object weighing 5 kg, for example a heavy grocery bag, over a distance of 10 metres?
6. Are you able to bend over and pick up something from the ground from an upright standing position?
7. Are you able to walk continuously for 400 metres without standing still (using a stick if necessary)?