Logistics hubs

Every year, Dutch trade journals in the field of logistics create a Top 25 of logistics hubs, based on a number of different criteria. In this news release, CBS presents the Top 5 in terms of transport expressed in total weight carried and number of containers handled, and how figures compare with the rest of the country.

Criteria for the compilation of this list include: the availability of specialised staff, sufficient vacant building land and suitable premises, cooperation from authorities, deployability and motivation of staff, the presence of high-quality infrastructure and accessibility of logistics hubs.

In 2018, the following areas were designated as Top 5 logistics hubs:

Hub    /     COROP region

1. West-Brabant West Noord-Brabant
2. Tilburg-Waalwijk Mid Noord-Brabant
3. Venlo-Venray North Limburg
4. Rivierenland region South West Gelderland
5. Utrecht Utrecht (province)

In this news release, logistics hubs are identified at the level of the COROP region in which they are located. The COROP classification is a regional level in between municipalities and provinces. The names used in this news release are the names of these hubs, not of the COROP regions in which they are located. (These coincide in the case of ‘Utrecht’.)