Turnover accommodation and food services 0.4 percent up

Turnover in the sector accommodation and food services (previously known as the sector hotels and restaurants) rose by 0.4 percent in Q3 2018 relative to the preceding quarter. As reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), this is due to price increases. The volume of sales (food, refreshments and/or overnight stays) fell by 0.7 percent. Turnover in food and beverage services increased by 0.5 percent against 0.3 percent growth in accommodation services. For more than five consecutive years, turnover in the sector has increased each quarter.

Turnover sector accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted) (2015=100)
 TurnoverVolume (turnover adjusted for price developments)
2013 Quarter 187.491.3
2013 Quarter 289.693.8
2013 Quarter 390.894.6
2013 Quarter 491.194.5
2014 Quarter 193.696.7
2014 Quarter 293.896.2
2014 Quarter 394.596.6
2014 Quarter 495.997.5
2015 Quarter 197.198.2
2015 Quarter 299.599.9
2015 Quarter 3100.3100
2015 Quarter 4102.8102
2016 Quarter 1103.6101.9
2016 Quarter 2104.2102.6
2016 Quarter 3108.2105.2
2016 Quarter 4108.3104.8
2017 Quarter 1110.5105.7
2017 Quarter 2112.6106.8
2017 Quarter 3113.9106.9
2017 Quarter 4115.5108.1
2018 Quarter 1117.6109.3
2018 Quarter 2120.8111.3
2018 Quarter 3121.3110.5

Restaurants and cafés achieved 0.5 percent turnover growth

In Q3, turnover generated by food and beverage services (including restaurants, fast-food restaurants, canteens, catering companies and cafés) rose by 0.5 percent relative to the previous quarter. Prices increased, while the volume of sales decreased by 0.4 percent.

Canteens and catering recorded the highest turnover growth (0.9 percent). Fast-food restaurants, cafés and restaurants also achieved turnover growth relative to the preceding quarter. However, the volume of sales by restaurants fell by 0.9 percent, the first decline in volume over the past 2.5 years. Cafés also experienced a volume decrease.

Turnover food and beverage services (seasonally adjusted), Q3 2018 (% change from previous quarter)
 TurnoverVolume (turnover adjusted for price developments)
Food and beverage services0.5-0.4
Canteens and catering0.90.3

Turnover accommodation services also slightly up

Relative to Q2 2018, accommodation services realised a turnover growth of 0.3 percent in the subsequent quarter. Growth in this sector is also due to price increases. The volume of sales decreased by 1.4 percent. Turnover generated by hotels grew by 0.2 percent, but the volume decreased by 0.9 percent. Turnover generated by other accommodations services, such as holiday homes and campsites, grew by 0.8 percent.

Entrepreneurs positive

Business confidence in the sector accommodation and food services was positive at the start of Q4, albeit slightly less than one quarter previously. More and more businesses in this sector are facing impediments due to staffing deficits. At the start of Q4, 30 percent of entrepreneurs in this sector reported they were facing impediments in their business operations as a result of understaffing. This percentage has increased rapidly since 2016 Q4.

The shortage of suitable personnel is also evident from the over 21 thousand outstanding vacancies in the sector accommodation and food services at the end of Q3. The number of bankruptcies in this sector in Q3 was higher than in Q3 2017.

At the start of Q4, entrepreneurs were asked about their expectations for next year. On balance, entrepreneurs in the sector accommodation and food services are positive about turnover, staff and investments in 2019, but less positive than they were about 2018.

Business confidence and staff shortages sector accomodation and food services
 Percentage entrepreneurs reporting staff shortages Business confidence accommodation and food services
2014 Quarter 11.1-4.1
2014 Quarter 22.49.5
2014 Quarter 32.32.8
2014 Quarter 42.94.8
2015 Quarter 12.76.8
2015 Quarter 22.37.1
2015 Quarter 33.810.8
2015 Quarter 4613.2
2016 Quarter 14.910.3
2016 Quarter 25.213.4
2016 Quarter 34.69.7
2016 Quarter 49.813.3
2017 Quarter 19.714.9
2017 Quarter 211.319.8
2017 Quarter 316.421.5
2017 Quarter 418.413
2018 Quarter 117.418.4
2018 Quarter 219.812
2018 Quarter 325.912.3
2018 Quarter 430.311.2

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