Continuous Holiday Survey (CVO)

The figures in this news release are taken from the Continuous Holiday Survey (CVO). The Continuous Holiday Survey (CVO) is an annual survey conducted by CBS to compile figures on holiday practices of the Dutch population. The CVO is a panel survey in which - every three months - its members answer questions about their holidays spent in the preceding quarter. The annual figures published on the basis of the CVO are based on participants who have responded to all four measurements in the related holiday year. As from 2017, this includes around 8,000 persons (net sample). In order to safeguard the quality of the figures from the CVO, the CVO was changed in some key areas in 2017. For example, the net sample was increased from 6,500 to 8,0000 respondents. In addition, the target population was expanded by Dutch people with a migration background. Due to these changes, the 2017 results cannot automatically be compared to those from 2016 and earlier years. The results of 2017 are provisional.