1,917 suicide deaths in 2017

Last year, 1,917 people took their own lives, i.e. 23 more than in 2016. The number of suicide deaths among people aged 10 to 19 years increased from 48 in 2016 to 81 in 2017. Within this age group, it concerns mainly older teenagers. On the other hand, there were fewer suicide deaths among people aged 60 and over. More than four in ten suicides are committed in the age group 40 to 59 years, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports on the basis of newly released figures.

Suicide deaths by age
 2016 (persons)2017 (persons)
10 to 19 yrs4881
20 to 29 yrs175195
30 to 39 yrs240205
40 to 49 yrs337357
50 to 59 yrs447472
60 to 69 yrs337326
70 to 79 yrs186169
80 yrs or older124112

The general mortality rate is relatively low in the 10-29 age bracket. In 2017, it stood at 0.7 percent of total annual mortality. Over one-quarter were suicide deaths. More 10 to 29-year-olds die from suicide than from cancer (15 percent), fatal road accidents (10 percent) or cardiovascular diseases (5 percent). In the age group 30 to 59 years, suicide is the most common cause of death after cancer and cardiovascular diseases. From the age of 60 onwards, more people die from natural causes and, with advancing age, death from suicide becomes rarer.

Do you need help?
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