2017 greenhouse gas emissions

Emission figures on greenhouse gases over 2017 are being compiled in three steps: 1. May 2018: an initial and provisional estimate over 2017 for the CBS publication ‘Monitor of Well-being (Dutch language publication date: 16 May 2018), 2. Early September 2018 a new provisional estimate over 2017 (containing more details and providing a more accurate estimate than in May), and 3. Spring of 2019 the definitive estimate over 2017, including revised figures on the years 1990–2016. The first step has not been taken before. It means that the annual figure over 2017 becomes available four months earlier than was the case in previous years. Greenhouse gas emissions are being calculated in accordance with the guidelines that have been imposed as part of the Kyoto Protocol by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC; 2006 Guidelines).