Remaining life expectancy

Remaining life expectancy in a given year indicates to what age a person would live on average if the mortality assumptions per age which apply to that particular year are projected onto the remainder of their lives; in other words, an estimate of the remaining life expectancy based on the situation in that particular year. Remaining life expectancy without physical limitations applies to the number of years one is expected to live without any limitations in hearing, vision or movement. Remaining life expectancy in good self-perceived health is an estimate of the number of years one can expect to live in good self-perceived health.

The estimates of future healthy life expectancy are projections onto the future of developments as they took place in the years 1983-2017 among the group of people living without physical limitations or in less than good self-perceived health. This projection further incorporates consistency with developments in future life expectancy and the share of people living as residents in institutions.