Goods exports to the UK lagging behind

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In 2017, Dutch goods exports to the United Kingdom represented a value of 39 billion euros, approximately the same amount as in 2016. Exports to the UK therefore showed a less favourable trend than total exports, which grew by over 10 percent to 469 billion euros last year. Exports to EU countries increased by 8 percent. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on new provisional figures on Dutch trade in goods.

In 2017, exports of Dutch-made products to the UK amounted to 20 billion euros, nearly the same as in 2016. Re-exports to the UK also remained virtually unchanged at 18 billion euros.

Goods exports
   2016 (year-on-year % change)2017 (year-on-year % change)
TotalExport of Dutch-made goods-1.49.8
EUExport of Dutch-made goods-1.17.8
United KingdomRe-exports6.20.5
United KingdomExport of Dutch-made goods7.4-1

Agricultural exports rising further

Although the total export value of Dutch products destined for the UK was more or less the same as in 2016, the composition of exports has changed to some extent. Exports of Dutch-manufactured goods within the agricultural sector amounted to 6.7 billion euros, an increase of 2.5 percent compared to 2016. This makes the UK - after Germany and Belgium - the third largest destination in terms of exports of Dutch agricultural and agriculture-related goods.

In 2016, there was a single delivery of a drilling platform, which boosted industrial exports that year but had a dampening effect on the year-on-year development of 2017. Exports of lorries to the UK were down as well in 2017.

Exports of Dutch-manufactured goods to United Kingdom
 2017 ( billion euros)2016 ( billion euros)
Mineral fuels2.342.363
Vegetables and fruit1.3971.364
Flowers and plants1.0951.105
Plastics in primary forms0.8860.808
Passenger cars0.6790.356
Cocoa and chocolate0.2670.244
Ships and boats0.2390.819

Exports of Dutch products peaking in mid-2016

Partly due to the single delivery of an oil platform, exports of Dutch-made goods reached a peak in Q2 2016. The export value of goods manufactured in the Netherlands then saw a gradual decline. The share of the UK in total exports of Dutch goods has therefore become smaller since Q3 2016.

Prices of Dutch export products went up by nearly 4 percent last year. Furthermore, the British Pound depreciated by around 7 percent against the euro last year, following the result of a referendum held on 23 June 2016 when the majority of British citizens voted in favour of leaving the European Union.

Export revenues Dutch products to United Kingdom
 Export revenues ( million euros)
Food products798
Chemical products622
Cars and trailers345
Electrotechnical equipment290
Metal products287
Other transport equipment216
Rubber and plastic products181
Repair and installation of machinery129
Basic metal products126

Exports of Dutch origin to the UK contribute over 10 billion euros to GDP

In 2016, the contribution to GDP made by Dutch products exported to the UK - the so-called export revenues - amounted to 10.4 billion euros (1.5 percent). The manufacturing industry contributed 41 percent (4.3 billion euros) to this share. This is due to own exports as well as deliveries to other exporters of Dutch commodities such as industrial companies and wholesalers. Aside from the manufacturing industry, trade and business services also made a substantial contribution to GBP.

Share of United Kingdom in exports of Dutch-manufactured goods
   Share in total exports of Dutch-manufactured goods (%)