Cases reported to LMIO

As of mid-2015, crimes which have been reported to the Internet fraud reporting website (Landelijk Meldpunt Internet Oplichting or LMIO) are included in the category property offences. In previous years, only solved cases which had been reported to LMIO were included. In 2016, LMIO received 39,000 reports about e-commerce fraud. Over the previous six months (the latter half of 2015), around 25,000 cases were recorded by LMIO. Including all the cases in the figures has led to a trend break in the figures. If these cases had not been included just as in previous years, the total number of property offences would decline by 26 percent relative to 2007 instead of 21 percent, and the total crime rate would have declined by 32 percent instead of 29 percent.