High-tech industry exports almost €22 bn in goods

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In 2016, the total export value of Dutch-manufactured high-technology goods stood at 21.6 billion euros. Although less than in 2015, industrial exports of high-tech products still accounted for around 9 percent in total exports of Dutch-manufactured goods. The top export destination for Dutch high-tech products is the United States, while another relatively large share of these exports goes to Asia. These figures are being released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in the Internationalisation Monitor, third quarter 2017 (note: contains an executive summary in English).

High-tech goods are technological products which involve a high intensity of R&D. Examples of high-tech goods produced in the Netherlands include chip manufacturing equipment, antisera and vaccines, X-ray equipment and processors and controllers. These exports grew in volume by 18 percent between 2012 and 2016.

Exports of Dutch-manufactured high-tech goods
 Export value

Fewer chemical products

In 2016, exports of Dutch-manufactured high-tech goods declined by nearly 1 billion euros relative to the previous year (-4 percent). This decline is mainly on account of a drop in demand for pharmaceutical products, machinery and computers. Machinery is by far the most important product category, accounting for 31 percent of all Dutch high-tech exports.

High-tech exports by product group, 2016
 Export value
Scientific instruments5.4
Telephones, audiovisual equipment3.9
Chemical products3.8
Computers, office machinery1.9

United States the largest market

The single largest export destination for Dutch high-tech goods is the United States, which represents nearly 2.8 billion euros (13 percent) in related export value. Chip-making equipment, uranium or related commodities, antisera and vaccines as well as orthopaedic products are exported to the US on a very large scale. The US is followed by Germany with 2.2 billion euros in export value. In Asia, the chief export destination is Taiwan, which receives over 1.9 billion euros in high-tech goods. By far the most important markets for chip-manufacturing machines are Taiwan and South Korea.

Out of each ten euros earned by high-tech exports, the Netherlands earns more than six outside the European Union. With an export share of 38 percent, the Asian market matches that of the EU (39 percent). The ten main importers of Dutch high-tech include, aside from the United States, five Asian and four European countries.

Top 10 export destinations of high-tech goods, 2016
 Scientific instrumentsTelephones/audiovisual equipmentMachineryComputers/office machinesChemical products
South Korea0.10.21.300.1
Israel 00.10.400.1

Relatively many high-tech goods destined for Asia

Out of all high-tech exports, 8.3 billion euros in exports go to Asia. This trade represents nearly one-quarter of all Dutch-manufactured goods exports to this continent. Asia accounts for 9 percent of total Dutch-manufactured goods exports.
The top 10 export countries include nine in Asia, aside from the United States.

Share of high-tech goods in exports of Dutch origin, 2016
South Korea53