Turnover hotels and restaurants nearly 2 percent up

31/08/2017 15:00
According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), turnover in the sector hotels and restaurants (including fast food and take away food outlets, pubs and bars) rose by almost 2 percent in Q2 2017 relative to the preceding quarter. Turnover in this sector has increased almost continuously for over four years. The volume of sales (food, refreshments and overnight stays) grew by over 0.5 percent in Q2.

Fast food restaurants show largest turnover increase

Restaurants (including fast food and take away outlets, pubs and bars) and hotels all achieved quarter-on-quarter turnover growth in Q2. Even when adjusted for inflation, turnover as well as the volume of sales grew.

In Q2, the highest turnover growth was achieved by fast food and take away outlets (which also include snack bars, tearooms, meal delivery services and ice-cream parlours) with 2.5 percent. Their turnover has increased for seven quarters in a row, while the volume of sales has grown by 1.8 percent.

Pubs (including pubs serving meals) and bars (including coffee bars) realised quarter-on-quarter growth amounting to 2.2 percent in Q2. In the same quarter, hotels recorded 1.8 percent growth, as they received more tourists and corporate customers.

Restaurants achieved 1.2 percent turnover growth in Q2 while the volume of (inflation-adjusted) sales rose by 0.4 percent. Relative to Q1, restaurants saw their turnover grow by 3.2 percent.

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Over 9 percent year-on-year turnover growth

Relative to Q2 2016, the hotel and restaurant sector realised a turnover growth of 9.1 percent in Q2 2017, the fastest in more than twelve years.Likewise, the increase in volume of sales was the highest in twelve years at 6.3 percent. Relative to the same quarter in 2016, all establishments achieved turnover growth in Q2 2017.

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