Business services

A combination of SIC sections M and N.

SIC categories included:

M Consultancy, research and other specialist business services:
69 Legal services, accounting, tax consultancy and administration
70 Holding companies (non-financial), activities of head offices and management consultancy
71 Architects, engineers and technical design and consultancy; testing and analysis
72 Research and development
73 Advertising and market research
74 Industrial design, photography, translation and other consultancy
75 Veterinary activities
N Renting of tangible goods and other business services:
77 Renting and leasing of motor vehicles, consumer goods, machines and other tangible goods
78 Employment placement, provision of temporary employment and payrolling
79 Travel agencies, tour operators, tourist information and reservation services
80 Security and investigation
81 Facility management, cleaning activities and landscape service activities
82 Other business services