Netherlands second largest avocado importer worldwide

08/05/2017 15:00
© Hollandse Hoogte
Dutch imports of avocados reached record high levels in 2016 at a total value of 433 million euros. The Netherlands has become the second largest importer of avocados worldwide, after the United States. This is reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) based on additional analysis of recently released figures. Four out of every five avocados imported by the Netherlands are not intended for Dutch consumers but are exported to other countries.

Over a span of eight years, the import value of avocados has increased more than fourfold. No other important species of fruit showed a similar growth. Avocados now rank second after grapes. Banana imports also increased significantly, putting them in third place, followed by oranges and melons. Imports of apples, on the other hand, have fallen dramatically over the past eight years.

Bulk of avocados destined for other countries

A major part (79 percent) of the imported avocados is not intended for the Dutch market but for other, mostly European countries. The remainder was intended for consumption in the Netherlands. Altogether 39 million kg of avocados were available for domestic consumption in 2016. This was 10 million kg in 2008. Imports for domestic consumption are at the highest level ever recorded.

Largest producer Mexico strongly US-oriented

By far the largest avocado producer in the world is Mexico. Nevertheless, the Netherlands imports more avocados from Peru, Chile and South Africa. Peru and Chile account for half of all Dutch avocado imports while Mexico primarily serves the US market. The US is the second largest consumer of avocados after Mexico.

US top importer of avocados

Last year, the value of avocados imported by the United States was over three times the value of Dutch imports. The Netherlands is followed by France, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. Most avocados imported by Germany pass through the Netherlands. Other major destinations for Dutch transhipments include Norway, Sweden and Denmark.