Construction goods

The classification of goods in this article is based on the first digit of the Standard Goods Classification for Transport Statistics (NSTR).
The classification is as follows:
NSTR1 Description
0 Agricultural products and livestock
1 Other food products
2 Solid mineral fuels
3 Petroleum and petroleum derivatives
4 Ores, metal waste, roasted iron pyrite
5 Iron, steel and non-ferrous metals
6 Crude and manufactured minerals; building materials
7 Fertilisers
8 Chemical products
9 Vehicles, machinery and other goods

Construction goods (e.g. sand, gravel, earth, cement, bricks and other building materials) are classified in NSTR category 6. There are also construction-related goods not included in NSTR 6, for example bitumen used to make asphalt (NSTR 8) or windows, doors and window frames (NSTR 9).