10% of Dutch agricultural exports destined for UK

24/04/2017 15:00
© Hollandse Hoogte
A relatively large share (10 percent in 2016) of Dutch agricultural exports is destined for the United Kingdom. With 8.2 percent, the UK’s share in total Dutch goods exports was smaller, as Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports in the latest Internationalisation Monitor 2017, first quarter. This quarterly publication is commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The latest edition focuses on economic relations between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
The value of Dutch-manufactured goods exports to the UK stood at 19.7 billion euros in 2016. Agricultural products accounted for 31 percent of this amount (6.1 bn euros). The top four of exported agricultural products with the highest export value included meat (1.1 bn euros), horticultural products (e.g. flowers, 1.0 bn euros), vegetables (0.7 bn euros) and processed vegetables and fruits (0.5 bn euros).

The total export value of domestic agricultural products amounted to nearly 61 billion euros. The UK occupied a 10.0 percent share in these exports. Only Germany (24.2 percent) and Belgium (10.4 percent) imported more Dutch agricultural goods. The share held by the UK was smaller in other product groups.

Dutch meat mainly destined for the UK

Of all agricultural exports to the UK, meat exports are most concentrated on the UK. Last year, 15.4 percent of all Dutch meat exports went to the UK. This was followed by processed vegetables and fruit (14.9 percent), vegetables (13.2 percent) and horticultural products (13.1 percent). After Germany, the UK is the most important market for Dutch meat, mainly chicken meat and pork.

UK share in agribusiness turnover is relatively high

Even when exports to the UK are expressed in percentages of turnover per sector, the share of the agricultural sector is relatively large: 6.2 percent of total turnover in the primary agricultural sector is on account of exports to the UK. The UK also accounts for relatively large shares in the food and tobacco industries (5.5 percent). In various other industries (printing, textile, metal), exports to the UK make a fairly strong contribution to total turnover. On average, the UK’s share reaches 2.0 percent across all industries.
This approach takes into account both domestic and international turnover of a specific industry. Industries not directly related to agriculture, e.g. wholesale trade, are also covered by this method.