Dutch citizenship through naturalisation can be granted to non-Dutch residents who are 18 years or older after they submit an application (independent naturalisation). Minors acquire naturalisation through their parent(s) (co-naturalisation). Children ages 12 and over have a say in the process and will not get naturalised if they do not want to be.
Anyone who wishes to be naturalised must meet a number of criteria. These include the conditions that applicants must have lived in the Kingdom of the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of at least five years (three years if married with a Dutch citizen) immediately prior to the application and have become integrated in society. Since 1 April 2003, this is determined by a naturalisation test (Decree on the Naturalisation test of 15 April 2002). The test ties in with level 2 of the integration test which is used in the Integration Act for Newcomers (Wet Inburgering Nieuwkomers). Exceptions are made for those who have completed an integration programme at level 2 or higher and for those with considerable Dutch school experience.