Municipal Personal Records Database Act (BRP)

The Dutch Municipal Personal Records Database Act (Wet op Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)) which took effect on 6 Januari 2014 stipulates that records of Dutch citizens cannot include any details on second or subsequent nationalities. As a result, details on any non-Dutch nationalities are no longer included in first-time registrations in the BRP database as of 6 January 2014. Details on non-Dutch nationalities of those citizens already registered prior to this date are no longer updated as of 31 January 2015.
This means that as of 6 January 2014, there is no more fully updated information on Dutch citizens with second or subsequent nationalities. Such nationalities are no longer registered in the BRP database registrations. It may seem as though the person in question has lost this non-Dutch nationality or nationalities, but this is not the case. The introduction of the Municipal Personal Records Database Act has not led to any changes in nationality (nationalities) of those registered in the database.