Modest retail turnover growth in September

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) retail trade recorded 1.1 percent higher turnover than one year previously. The volume of sales (volume) grew by 0.7 percent while prices increased by 0.4 percent. The shopping-day pattern in September had a positive effect on turnover. The food sector generated growth while the non-food sector saw turnover decline. In addition, yet more growth was seen in online sales.

September 2016 had a Thursday and a Friday more and a Tuesday and a Wednesday less than September 2015. After correction for the shopping-day pattern, retail turnover would turn out lower than one year previously.

Turnover developments retail sector
Turnover developments retail sector
2014 J1.2
2014 F0.5
2014 M-1.9
2014 A3.3
2014 M0.9
2014 J-1.9
2014 J0.6
2014 A-0.4
2014 S-0.4
2014 O2.3
2014 N-0.6
2014 D2.7
2015 J1.1
2015 F1.3
2015 M-0.6
2015 A1.4
2015 M-1.6
2015 J4.9
2015 J3.2
2015 A-1.2
2015 S4.5
2015 O2.2
2015 N-1.7
2015 D3.2
2016 J-1.4
2016 F2.8
2016 M4.1
2016 A0.2
2016 M-0.3
2016 J1.8
2016 J0.6
2016 A1.5
2016 S1.1

Strong turnover growth in food shops

Shops selling food, beverages and tobacco achieved turnover growth of 5.1 percent year-on-year. The boost was mainly due to the shopping-day pattern. This contributed to a growth in sales of 4.3 percent. Prices rose by 0.7 percent year-on-year. Specialist shops recorded slightly a stronger turnover increase compared to supermarkets.

Turnover loss in non-food sector

Non-food shops were hit by a turnover loss of 3.4 percent, primarily due to weaker sales. The volume decreased by 3.7 percent year-on-year while prices rose by 0.3 percent.

September having relatively mild weather made for slack sales at clothes shops. Shops selling outerwear had 9.3 percent lower turnover than one year previously. In July and August, clothes shops had seen turnover grow by 7.5 and 3.5 percent respectively. In shops selling consumer electronics as well, turnover was down, although decline was not as significant as in previous months.

On the other hand, chemists and DIY shops achieved turnover growth, as did home furnishing shops, although August was better with a growth in turnover of nearly 10 percent.

Turnover developments by type of retail business
Turnover developments by type of retail business
 August 2016September 2016
Total food sector1.45.1
Specialist food shops0.85.3
Total non-food sector0.6-3.4
DIY shops7.65.6
Home furnishing shops9.70.9
Consumer electronics-6.6-2.7

Online revenues up yet again

Online retailers realised a 11.2 percent growth surge relative to one year earlier. Web shops recorded a growth in turnover of 14.1 percent; their core activity is selling over the internet. As for shops which sell online as a side activity (multi-channelers), their online turnover surged by 7.1 procent.


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