More emigrants move to the United Kingdom

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The number of people emigrating from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom has risen from 8.2 thousand in 2011 to 10.5 thousand in 2015. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), there was a marked increase in emigrants from one of the former British colonies.
During the past half decade, 45.2 thousand emigrants left the Netherlands to move to the UK; 38.6 thousand did not return to the Netherlands. Most of them have their roots in the former British colonies (28 percent), followed by British and Dutch subjects with 26 and 20 percent respectively.

Emigrants from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom by background, 2011-2015
 Series 0
Former British colonies28.1
United Kingdom26.3

Many young emigrants have parents from former British colonies

Among emigrants from one of the former British colonies are many children under the age of 18. They came to the Netherlands with their parents, who were born in Somalia, Afghanistan or Pakistan. After having acquired the Dutch nationality, part of them travel to the UK. The language and the communities already present there make the UK a popular destination for these ethnic groups.
Many Dutch and British subjects go to the UK to embark on a study or their first job. More than half of Dutch and one-third of British emigrants are in the 18-29 age bracket. Among British emigrants crossing the Channel, over-50s constitute a relatively large group.

Emigrants from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, by background and age, 2011-2015
 0-17 yrs18-29 yrs30-49 yrs50 yrs and older
Former British colonies430722553734552
United Kingdom1594372332501580

More than one-third of male emigrants were employed in the Netherlands

More male than female emigrants to the UK were in paid employment or self-employed in the Netherlands: 36 versus 25 percent. The largest group of female emigrants were pupils or students or were too young to go to school.

Dutch emigrants (18-67 yrs) from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom by income quartile, 2011-2015
 Series 0
No income
data available
1st quartile
(lowest income)
2nd quartile10.6
3rd quartile12.8
4th quartile
(highest income)

Dutch emigrants often in low income brackets

Emigrants with a Dutch background have relatively low incomes. In 33 percent of cases, the incomes of Dutch emigrants belonging to the labour force age group (18-67 years) are in the lowest income quartile (annual income below 13 thousand euros). Of about one-fifth of these Dutch emigrants to the UK, income data are not available.

Emigrants from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom by socio-economic category and gender, 2011-2015
Benefit claimants8.48.8
(Not yet) going to school
Other categories without income21.729.7
Category unknown7.15.9

More than 73 thousand Dutch in the UK

According to the last official measurement by Eurostat, nearly 64 thousand people living in the UK in 2011 were born in the Netherlands. On balance, nearly 10 thousand Dutch emigrants arrived in the UK in the period 2012-2015, so on 1 January 2016 an estimated over 73 thousand people with a Dutch background were living in the UK.