Netherlands, Belgium largest french fries producers

The Netherlands and Belgium are the two top producers of frozen potato products in Europe. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the bulk of these products, which include french fries, potato croquettes and potato rösti, is intended for export with the largest share destined for the United Kingdom.
For years, more than half of all European-made frozen potato products (measured in euros) have been made by Dutch and Belgian factories. Other major producers of frozen french fries and related products are the UK and Germany.
Last year, Europe produced 3.8 billion euros worth of deep-frozen french fries. Approximately one-third came from Dutch manufacturers (nearly 1.3 billion euros), which comes down to more than 1.6 billion kilograms, or a weekly supply of ten french fry cone holders of 175 grams per Dutch resident.
European production of frozen potato products, 2014

UK largest market

Deep-frozen potato products exported by the Netherlands represent a total value of around 1.3 billion euros. The single largest market is the United Kingdom, good for one-quarter of this amount. Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and Italy are the next largest importers of frozen french fries, potato croquettes and potato rösti from the Netherlands.
Top 5 export countries for Dutch frozen potato products, 2015
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Saudi Arabia68

Most fries from Belgium

In 2015, the Netherlands imported 239 million euros worth of french fries and other frozen potato products. Nearly three-quarters were made by the other champion of fries, Belgium. Suppliers of frozen potato products further include Germany and France. Slightly less than half of these imports is destined for the Dutch market while the rest is shipped out directly to other countries.
Total value of imported frozen potato products, 2015
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