Retail trade up in June

In June, turnover in the retail sector was 1.7 percent higher than in the same month in 2015. Retail sales (volume) grew by 1.8 percent, while prices remained at similar levels. The shopping day pattern in June had a positive effect on retail turnover. Sales were up in shops, both in the food and non-food sector. As for online retail, turnover increased strongly, continuing the trend of the past few months.

June 2016 had a Wednesday and a Thursday more and a Monday and a Tuesday less than June 2015. After correction for shopping days, retail turnover is approximately at the same level as one year earlier.

Turnover developments retail sector
Turnover developments retail sector
2014 J1.2
2014 F0.5
2014 M-1.9
2014 A3.3
2014 M0.9
2014 J-1.9
2014 J0.6
2014 A-0.4
2014 S-0.4
2014 O2.3
2014 N-0.6
2014 D2.7
2015 J1.1
2015 F1.3
2015 M-0.6
2015 A1.4
2015 M-1.6
2015 J4.9
2015 J3.2
2015 A-1.2
2015 S4.5
2015 O2.2
2015 N-1.7
2015 D3.2
2016 J-1.4
2016 F2.8
2016 M4.1
2016 A0.1
2016 M-0.4
2016 J1.7

Higher turnover in food sector

Turnover in shops selling food, beverages and tobacco was 2.6 percent higher in June than one year previously. Sales increased by 0.8 percent while prices of day-to-day shopping items were up by an average 1.7 percent. Supermarkets saw slightly faster turnover growth than specialist shops.

Modest turnover growth non-food sector

At 0.6 percent, the non-food sector saw more modest turnover growth, with sales increasing by 0.7 percent and prices levels similar to those one year earlier.

In June, home furnishing shops achieved relatively better turnover results, with growth up by nearly 10 percent. Clothes shops, DIY shops and chemists sold more as well.

Meanwhile, sales of consumer electronics were down slightly in June; turnover fell by nearly 10 percent in May 2016. Shops selling household articles generated a lower turnover than in the same month last year, similar to May.

Turnover non-food sector by segment
Turnover non-food sector by segment
 May 2016June 2016
Total food-1.22.5
Specialised shops-0.21.8
Total non-food -10.6
Home furnishing3.69.5
DIY shops2.33.3
Consumer electronics-9.8-0.5
Household art.-10.9-6.6

Online turnover growing steadily

Turnover in the online segment grew by 19 percent in June. Online sales of shops selling items via the internet as a secondary activity (multi-channelers) grew by 14 percent. Web shops achieved 23 percent more turnover than in the same period last year. Webshops are shops for which selling on the internet is the primary activity.


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