Steady growth exports

Statistics Netherlands reports that the total volume of goods exports grew by 2.8 percent in March 2016 compared to March 2015. Growth was more substantial than in February. The total volume of imports was 0.6 percent down in March from one year previously.

The CBS Exports Radar indicates that circumstances for export are less favourable in May than March.

Export of goods (volume, adjusted for working days)

More transport vehicles exported

In March 2016, Dutch manufacturers exported more transport vehicles (like cars and trucks). They also exported more electrical machinery and optical instruments.

Earlier this week, CBS reported data on manufacturing output in March, showing that the production of transport vehicles was again higher than one year previously.

Circumstances for Dutch exports slightly less favourable

According to the CBS Exports Radar, circumstances for Dutch exports are on balance slightly less favourable in May and April than in March. Conditions are largely determined by developments on the markets which are most important for Dutch exports and by the current competitive position of the Netherlands. May’s Export Radar shows that the development of the confidence indicators is more favourable than in the March’s Radar, but on an annual basis, the development of exchange rates and Germany’s manufacturing output are less favourable.

Goods exports account for approximately three-quarters of total exports. CBS does not publish monthly data on exports of services. Data on total exports are published on a quarterly and annual basis. The data in this publication are provisional and can be subject to adjustments.