More retail turnover in December 2015

As reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) today, Dutch retail trade ended the year 2015 on a positive note with 3.3 percent more turnover in December over one year previously. Annual retail turnover was up 1.4 percent, the most significant increase since 2008.

The turnover growth in December was largely due to more sales, the volume increasing by 3.4 percent. Similar to November, prices remained at more or less the level of one year previously. The shopping-day pattern having one Monday less and one Thursday more than one year earlier also boosted turnover in December.

Turnover developments retail trade

In December, food, drinks and tobacco shops recorded over 3 percent growth in turnover. Prices of daily groceries were up by around half a percent compared to December 2014, while year-on-year sales increased by 2.6 percent. Non-food shops saw a 3-percent turnover increase in December; just as in the preceding months, prices in this sector were slightly higher than one year previously. Turnover volume increased by 2.7 percent. The growth in December came after weak results in November, when turnover declined by 4.5 percent. Internet retail achieved 22 percent growth in turnover.

Retail trade sharpest turnover growth in 7 years

In 2015, retail trade achieved 1.4 percent growth in turnover, the highest since 2008. Sales were up by 2.3 percent last year while prices were around one percent lower than one year previously. Not only food, drinks and tobacco shops but also non-food shops recorded growth: in the former sector, turnover grew by 2 percent, mainly due to more sales, while in non-food items turnover saw a 2- percent increase in  volume while prices fell by 0.7 percent from 2014.

Although turnover was up in 2015, levels were still almost 6 percent lower than at the onset of the  economic crisis in 2008; in non-food even 16 percent lower. On the other hand, turnover has increased in the food, drinks and tobacco sector by nearly 10 percent since 2008. 

Retail trade turnover and volume developments

In 2015, mainly more turnover in home furnishing and chemist shops

The underlying sectors show a divided picture in 2015. Home furnishing shops recorded nearly 7 percent more turnover while chemists recorded 4 percent more. Supermarkets saw a 2-percent rise in both turnover and sales in 2015. Specialist shops also recorded more turnover - for the first time since 2007 - although their sales fell slightly.

On the other hand, shops selling household articles and consumer electronics and DIY items recorded a drop in turnover (by 5, 3 and 2 percent respectively). The latter two saw better turnover results in 2014. Clothing shops had similar turnover results to the previous year with sales increasing by 2 percent but with prices at a lower level. 

Retail turnover developments by sector

Further growth internet sales turnover

Turnover in internet sales increased by 20 percent in 2015, far more than the 11-percent increase over 2014. Shops selling via the internet as a side activity (multi-channellers) boasted 23 percent more turnover online, while web shops saw an increase in turnover by 18 percent from 2014. Web shops are shops selling via the internet as their main activity.

Figures in this release are provisional and may be adjusted in the future.