Residential property prices increased most in North Holland


In the last quarter of 2015, residential property prices in all Dutch provinces were up from one year previously. The highest increase was in the province of North Holland with 6.1 percent, partly due to sharply rising property prices in the city of Amsterdam. Looking back over 2015, owner-occupied houses in the Netherlands were on average 2.8 percent more expensive than in 2014. This is shown in the price index of owner-occupied houses, a joint publication by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Land Registry Office. 

Sharp increase in four largest cities

Year-on-year residential property prices in the provinces of North Holland, Utrecht and South Holland rose more than average during the fourth quarter of 2015. This is related to price developments in the four major Dutch cities located in these provinces.
The price increase over Q4 was most substantial in Amsterdam (+11 percent), followed by Utrecht (+7.2 percent), Rotterdam (+ 5.4 percent) and The Hague (+5.0 percent). Except for Utrecht, this is the highest increase since the crisis set in on the residential property market in 2008. 

Price development of existing owner-occupied dwellings by region, fourth quarter 2015

All types of dwelling up in price  

The year-on-year price rise in Q4 of 2015 was seen in all types of dwellings. Prices of apartments and terraced houses rose most noticeably by 4.2 and 4.0 percent respectively, while detached houses rose least in price (2.6 percent).