Consumers less positive

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In January, the mood among Dutch consumers is less positive than in December. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the consumer confidence indicator fell by 2 points to + 4. The downturn is mainly due to the fact that consumers are less optimistic about the economic climate.  Their willingness to buy remains almost unchanged. Consumer confidence has continually been positive since March 2015.

The consumer confidence indicator fell to + 4 in January, which is still above its long-term average over the past two decades (- 8). The indicator reached an all-time high in April 2000 (+ 27) and an all-time low in February 2013 (- 44).

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted

Consumers less positive about the economy

In January, Dutch consumers are less optimistic about the economy in general than in December. The component indicator economic climate fell from + 15 in December to + 11 in January. The decline is mainly caused by the fact that consumers are  less positive about the economic situation in the past and the next 12 months.

Consumers’ willingness to buy remains more or less the same in January compared to December. This component indicator of consumer confidence stands at 0, versus + 1 in December.

Today, Statistics Netherlands also reports on household consumption in November.

Consumer confidence

Consumer confidence