Dutch producers more optimistic than most of their EU colleagues

On the basis of statistics provided by the European Commission, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that Dutch manufacturers are more positive than many of their European colleagues. The European producer confidence indicator, which differs marginally from the Dutch indicator, stood at 2 in November. The average producer confidence in the European Union (EU) was negative (-3.5). The most optimistic manufacturers were found in Slovenia, Hungary and Sweden.

European producer confidence in manufacturing industry, November (seasonally adjusted)

Greek and Polish producers most pessimistic

On average, the mood among European manufacturers was negative. Only in a few countries, including the Netherlands, optimism prevailed. With scores of - 16.6 and - 11.5 respectively, producers in Greece and Poland were most negative in November 2015.

In the long run, too, Dutch manufacturers are more optimistic than on average in the EU

The Dutch producer confidence indicator stood at 2 in November, which is far above the level over the past decade. The Dutch ten-year average (- 3.1) is less negative than the average across the European Union (- 5.9). The only countries with a positive balance are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With - 12.6 and - 11.9 respectively, Polish and Greek producers are most pessimistic.

European producer confidence in manufacturing industry (10-year average, seasonally adjusted)

European producer confidence stable since October 2014

In January 2008, the Dutch producer confidence indicator reached the highest level (5.1) in the past eight years. The lowest level (- 25.4) was reached in February 2009. Since March 2013, the trend has been rising, but the European average has hardly changed since October 2014. Since April 2015, optimism has prevailed among Dutch producers, but with 2 the producer confidence indicator is still far below the level recorded in the pre-recession period.

European producer confidence in manufacturing industry (seasonally adjusted)

Dutch producers anticipate increase in business activities

Producer confidence is composed of three component indicators. These indicators reflect producers’ opinions on their order books, their stocks of finished products and the anticipated production over the next three months. In November 2015, Dutch producers were more positive about their anticipated production than on average across Europe. They were also less negative about their order books and stocks of finished products.