Modest growth Dutch exports


Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the volume of exports of goods was 1.4 percent up in September 2015 from September 2014. Growth was substantially lower than in the preceding months. The Exports Radar shows that circumstances for Dutch exports in October and November were more or less the same as in September. In September, exports of transport equipment and petroleum derivatives grew noticeably. The volume of imports was 6.2 percent up in September from one year previously.

Export of goods (volume, adjusted for working days)

More transport equipment and petroleum derivatives exported

In September 2015, the Netherlands exported more transport equipment, petroleum derivatives and metal products. Re-exports in particular showed substantial growth.

Circumstances for Dutch exports the same in November as in September

Statistics Netherlands’ Exports Radar shows that circumstances for Dutch exports were somewhat more favourable in October than in September. In November, this small improvement was lost and circumstances for Dutch exports are on balance more or less similar to September. The small dip in November relative to October is predominantly caused by the fact that German manufacturing output shrank on an annual basis, whereas output still increased in the preceding month. German producer confidence was also at a lower level than in the preceding month.

The numbers in this publication are provisional and can be adjusted.