Strong growth of Dutch exports

The volume of exports of goods was up by 5.4 percent in July 2015 from July 2014. This growth is stronger than in the preceding five months, according to Statistics Netherlands, and most substantial in the exports of transport equipment, machines and devices. Both exports of Dutch products and re-exports were higher than one year previously. The volume of imports was up by 0.5 percent from July 2014.

Export of goods (volume, adjusted for working days)

More exports of transport equipment, machines and devices

In July 2015, Dutch manufacturers exported more transport equipment, especially ships. There was a significant increase in exports of machines and devices as well. Most of these goods were Dutch manufactured. On Wednesday 9 September Statistics Netherlands released the growth figures on Dutch companies manufacturing more transport equipment and machinery in July 2015.

Circumstances for Dutch exports less favourable in September than in July

Statistics Netherlands’ Exports Radar shows that circumstances for Dutch exports were better in August than in July, but less favourable in September. The Exports Radar shows whether circumstances for Dutch exports have become more favourable or less. In September five of the indicators deteriorated, while one improved. Especially the year-on-year development of the real exchange rate was less favourable than a month earlier. In contrast, manufacturers in the Netherlands were less negative about their foreign orders than in August.

Source, Statline:

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