'LAT partners' choose freedom

The recent Gender and Generations Survey by Statistics Netherlands shows that 8 percent of Dutch people who are in a relationship are not cohabiting. One quarter of these ‘LAT partners’ (Living Apart Together) does not intend to start cohabiting in the future either, citing as main reason that they wish to preserve their freedom.

Relationship yes, cohabiting no

In 2013, 8 percent of people between 18 and 63 in a relationship did not live together with their partner. Three quarters would eventually like to cohabit while the remaining quarter would not, even in the future.

Forms of relationship among 18 to 63 year-olds

These ‘essential LAT partners’ cite the following reasons for maintaining the LAT relationship: preserving freedom (60 percent), a bad experience with cohabitation  (18 percent), children from a previous relationship (17 percent) and other reasons (34 percent). Around 70 percent had been through a divorce, of whom nearly a quarter sees contact with their ex-partner in a negative way.