Sharpest increase hotel and restaurant sector turnover since mid-2010

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In the second quarter of 2015, hotels, restaurants, snack bars and pubs saw their turnover rise by 2 percent on the previous quarter, the fastest increase in 4.5 years. Turnover of hotels and restaurants in particular was up. The volume, consumption of food and drinks and overnight stays in the sector increased by 1.6 percent, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Turnover and volume developments sector hotels and restaurants (seasonally adjusted)

Greatest turnover increase for hotels

Turnover rose fastest for hotels with 2.7 percent. In the second quarter, they received more tourists as well as business guests. The turnover of restaurants was up 2.3 percent on the previous quarter, while snack bars including lunchrooms and ice cream parlours recorded a turnover increase of 1.4 percent. The same percentage was recorded for pubs, which also saw another increase in the volume of food and drinks sold. Since the crisis, sales at pubs had been slowing down almost continuously.

Turnover increase in the hotel and restaurant sector was mainly the result of more consumptions and overnight stays, while price rises played a minor role. 

Turnover and volume developments sector hotels and restaurants, 2015-II

* development in volume of hotels not available

Sector turnover rose by more than 6 percent on the previous year 

The hotel and restaurant sector recorded more than 6 percent growth in turnover compared to the second quarter of 2014. Growth was recorded in all branches. Restaurants booked the highest growth with 8.6 percent, for hotels and snack bars it was over 5 percent; for pubs it was 2.8 percent, due mainly to price rises. Food and drinks became 2 percent more expensive than in the previous year, while prices in the hotel and restaurant sector were on average 1 percent higher.