Short-term unemployment further down

In the second quarter (Q2), 322 thousand people were out of work for less than one year, i.e. 81 thousand fewer than in the same quarter in 2014. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the number of long-term unemployed has increased by 21 thousand compared to one year ago.

Long-term unemployment remains high

Year-on-year short-term unemployment has fallen for the fourth quarter in a row. Long-term unemployment is still higher than in the same period one year previously. In Q2 of this year, 44 percent of all unemployed were out of work for at least one year, the same percentage as in Q1. Relative to Q1, the number of long-term unemployed has declined marginally to 270 thousand.

Annual change period of unemployment

Long-term unemployed on average older

The long-term unemployment rate is particularly high among people over the age of 45. More than 60 percent of them had been out of work for at least twelve months in Q2, but the percentage has remained stable. Long-term unemployment is also relatively often found among low educated people and people with a non-western ethnic background.

Period of unemployment, second quarter 2015

Labour force stable

Compared to Q1, 138 thousand people found work; 105 thousand people lost their jobs and became unemployed. Unemployment also increased, because the number of new job seekers who were unsuccessful in their attempts to find work was higher than the number of people who withdrew from the labour market. There were 191 thousand new job seekers; conversely, 175 thousand individuals withdrew from the labour market.

On balance, unemployment fell by 17 thousand relative to Q1, because the number of unemployed who found work exceeded those who lost their job. Since 15 thousand people found work, the total labour force (employed plus unemployed) hardly changed. The labour force had grown in Q1, because many young people found work. At the same time, the number of people who could not or did not want to work, because they were attending education or job training schemes declined.

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