Dutch house prices up in April on a year ago


Prices of owner-occupied houses, excluding new constructions, were on average 2.3 percent higher in April 2015 than in April 2014. House prices have been above the level of the corresponding month of the previous year for just over 12 months. The year-on-year price increase was not quite as high as in the last two months. There has been a slight upward trend in the price developments of existing owner-occupied houses since the summer of 2013, according to the price index of owner-occupied houses – a joint publication by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Land Registry Office.

Prices of existing owner-occupied dwellings

Prices up 4.4 percent from the June low of 2013

The average prices of owner-occupied houses in April are at approximately the same level as in September 2003. Dutch house prices reached a low in June 2013, but there has been a modest upward trend ever since. House prices were 4.4 percent higher in April 2015 than in June 2013, but they were 18.0 percent below the record level reached in August 2008.

Price index of existing owner-occupied dwellings

House sales pick up again

According to figures released by the Dutch Land Registry Office last Monday, 12,748 houses were sold in April, an increase by over 18 percent from April 2014. In the first four months of this year, 47,275 homes were sold, i.e. an increase by 19 percent compared to one year previously.

Statistics Netherlands also publishes more detailed information by region and type of dwelling on a quarterly basis. These data will be published on 21 July 2015.

Source, StatLine:

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