Turnover e-tailing shows substantial growth in the first quarter of 2015

Statistics Netherlands announced today that turnover realised by electronic retailing (also referred to as e-tailing), i.e. the sale of goods and services through the internet, has grown more rapidly in the first quarter of 2015 than total retail turnover. Shops selling goods both online and in the traditional manner achieved good results. 
In the first quarter of this year, turnover from online sales in medium-sized and large retail businesses grew by more than 18 percent relative to the same period in 2014 and the growth of online sales was considerably higher than total turnover growth for the retail sector.  Earlier today, Statistics Netherlands announced that total retail turnover has grown by 0.2 percent in the first quarter of 2015.

Turnover developments retail sector, total and online, 2015

Multi-channelers mainly account for online turnover growth 

Two types of shops are engaged in online sales: shops, which sell goods and services largely or exclusively through the internet and traditional shopkeepers, for whom online sales are only an additional activity, the so-called multi-channelers. The latter category includes traditional shops also engaged in online sales.  In the first quarter of this year, multi-channelers boasted an average turnover growth by 23.5 percent compared to last year’s first quarter, significantly above the growth rate of 14.4 percent realised by pure online retailers.
Although online shopping is still growing, turnover generated from online sales constitute only 7 percent of total retail turnover. Pure internet sellers account for approximately two-thirds of online turnover of medium-sized and large retail businesses.

Turnover developments online sales, 2015

New observation method e-tailing

As from today, Statistics Netherlands will provide a monthly overview regarding online turnover developments in the retail sector. In recent years, webshops have become increasingly important for retailers. For a better picture of online turnover developments of medium-sized and large retail businesses (10 or more employees), Statistics Netherlands will also provide data about online sales. Medium-sized and lage companies account for approximately 70 percent of total online retail turnover.