Incomes households and corporate profits up

The real disposable household income rose by 0.4 percent in 2014. After correction for inflation, household incomes improved for the first time since 2011. Today, the average household income is approximately 2.5 percent below the pre-recession level in 2008. Household consumption increased marginally in 2014, but is still 4.5 percent below the level recorded in 2008. Statistics Netherlands announced today that the outstanding mortgage debt of Dutch households declined by 6 billion euros relative to 2013.

Higher profit margins corporate sector

Due to economic growth in the Netherlands and other countries, the private sector also recorded higher profit figures in 2014. Profits in the sector non-financial services rose by more than 8 billion euros to 115 billion euros. As a result of higher profits, the total amount paid in dividends rose to 36 billion euros. The profits of financial institutions rose by 3 billion euros to 17 billion euros. The bulk of the profits was generated by foreign subsidiary companies. Financial institutions paid out 8 billion euros in dividends, i.e. more than twice as much as in 2013.

Complete picture economy in 2014

Figures about households and the private sector are released simultaneously with the 2014 figures on public finances. For the first time, all these figures together provide a complete picture of the Dutch economy in 2014. Together with these figures, Statistics Netherlands will release the publication Nederland in 2014, which provides an overview of socio-economic developments in 2014. This publication can be downloaded free of charge.