More social security claimants in 2014, but share young claimants stable

The number of social security claimants increased further by 22 thousand in 2014, versus an increase by 32 thousand in 2013. The share of young claimants has not changed. Statistics Netherlands announced today that, at the end of last year, 435 thousand people in the Netherlands were receiving social security.


Number of young social security claimants stable

In 2014, the number of social security claimants only increased among people aged 27 years or older. With 38 thousand, the number of young claimants (under the age of 27) remained unchanged. Young people seem to benefit more from the recovering labour market. Less often than other age categories, they depend on social security benefits or they are more successful in bridging the gap from social security to employment. The recovery of the labour market is indicated by an increase in jobs and job vacancies. Earlier this month, Statistics Netherlands published about this subject and about the number of unemployment benefits, which has remained stable. If the situation on the labour market improves, the effect on the number of social security benefits follows with some delay, because it is more difficult for people on social security - especially if they are older - to find work than for other job seekers. Indeed, older social security claimants are more at risk to remain benefit-dependent for a long time. Six in every ten over-45s receiving social security benefits have been in this situation for three years or longer.

Most  long-term social security claimants in Rotterdam

Last year, 17 in every thousand Dutch residents were long-term social security claimants, i.e. three years or longer. The number of long-term social security claimants per thousand residents tends to vary considerably from one municipality to the next. In the category of municipalities with a population of at least 100 thousand, Rotterdam tops the list with 51 benefits per thousand residents. It appears to be more difficult for Rotterdam residents living on social security to find work.
People living on social security for a long time are generally older and lower educated than people who succeed in finding work.