Statistics Netherlands app: all data available in graphic format on mobile devices

Statistics Netherlands launches its StatLine app today: a web application that shows all tables in the StatLine databank in a graphic format. The StatLine app is the first application of Statistics Netherlands to use open data. The app has been optimised for tablets.

Two clicks to a graph

Users of the StatLine app can view a graph on their screen in just two clicks: the app shows at a glance what the table is about and the trend in the figures. Users can then select the subjects and classifications they want to see in the graph. Most datasets have format options line graph or histogram, while information at municipal or provincial level can also be viewed as a map. Naturally the app can also show the figures in a table.

Quick navigation

On the start page of the StatLine app, users can immediately click on graphs of the six most requested subjects and on the most recently updated tables. Other tables can be found using the search function or the theme classification. The app comprises all data in StatLine <>, Statistics Netherlands’ online databank. The main differences between the app and StatLine is that the web app displays the requested data directly as a graph, while StatLine generates a table. The app has a lower threshold and is suitable for users who are not familiar with StatLine. Moreover, the app has been optimised for tablets. It can also be used on desktops and laptops, but smartphone screens are too small to use the app optimally.

Beta version

This is the first version of Statistics Netherlands’ StatLine app available to the general public. Statistics Netherlands intends to develop the app further on the basis of user feedback.   Users are invited to make suggestions and share ideas using the ‘Feedback’ button in the top right-hand corner.

Open data at Statistics Netherlands

The StatLine app is the first application of Statistics Netherlands to use open data.  In response to demands from professional users and developers, the complete databank of Statistics Netherlands - 3,400 datasets with a total of 14 billion cells - has been available as open data since July 2014.  Statistics Netherlands data are more accessible and easier to re-use as open data. Developers can combine open data from Statistics Netherlands with other data and use them for new applications. 

Statistics Netherlands’ open data are available via its open data portal and the open data portal of the Dutch government.