Manufacturing industry more positive about 2015

  • Manufacturing industry anticipates 15 percent investment growth next year
  • The refineries and chemical products branch expects investments to grow by a whopping 23 percent 
  • Manufacturers of textile, clothing and leather products expect investments to fall in 2015

Manufacturers anticipate to invest 15 percent more in 2015. They are much more optimistic about the investment climate than in 2014. They expect that almost half of the total investment amount will be used to replace tangible fixed assets, according to the autumn survey Statistics Netherlands conducted in September.   

The most substantial change is observed in the food, drinks and tobacco branch, one of the largest investors in the sector manufacturing industry. In 2014, food, drinks and tobacco producers still expected a downturn, but for next year, they anticipate investments will be 13 percent up.

The branch refineries and chemical products is very positive about its investment opportunities in 2015; they foresee a 23 percent growth. The branch is among the largest investors within the sector manufacturing industry; in 2013, total investments amounted to 2 billion euros.

In textile and leather products and clothing and in ‘other manufacturing industry’, a downfall in investments is anticipated for next year. These branches expect investments to fall by 8 and 11 percent respectively.

Statistics Netherlands also announced today that confidence among Dutch manufacturers has improved in November.

Last week, Statistics Netherlands stated that - apart from the sector manufacturing industry - other parts of the private sector also expected investments to grow next year.